Cookie Monster | Fort Worth baby photographer

Time flies doesn't it?! I can't believe it's already been over a year since I photographed this cutie pies beautiful mama! I am such a sucker for smash cake sessions!! Can you even tell we interrupted his nap for this shoot? I think I'd wake up happily for cookies any day too :D Happy (almost) birthday TJ!!! You are such an adorable little cookie monster! nom nom nom.


Patience | Fort Worth Maternity Photographer

So my youngest little sister's in town from Louisiana. She's taught me a cool new hip phrase. "I can't deal". This pretty much sums up how I feel as we wait to meet this little guy. Cause I can't. Seriously. He's due in exactly three days and has yet to grace us with his presence. He's not even here yet and is already keeping us all on our toes. I'm restless, I'm antsy, I keep checking my phone every five minutes to see if I've missed any calls or texts from his mama, (my other gorgeous sister pictured here). I can't wait (or deal)! I spent almost thirty minutes straight last week just staring at her belly (in a totally non creepy sister way of course), waiting for something, anything to happen. I put a tiny baby sombrero on her belly, we took pictures, we talked, or I talked and he did amuse me with lots of kicks and wiggles, but he's still hiding out. *sigh* We're so ready to love on him! Here's a peek at his temporary cozy little home, isn't she beautiful? 

P.S. Kristy maybe if you decide on a name he'll come, Andre sounds perfect! :P

P.P.S.  Special thanks to the talented Crystal of Sublime-Artistry for the amazing makeup.


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