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  I'm gonna miss that smile
I'm gonna miss you my friend
  Even though it hurts the way it ended up
I'd do it all again

                           ~Toby Keith "Cryin' for me"

Strength & beauty. The two words that come to mind when I think of these four amazing ladies. Alajiah & Naomi (the gorgeous babies below) sadly lost their father Danny almost two years ago.

Raquel & Rosanna: You see those two beautiful and courageous mamas below? Simply put, they're incredible. After Danny's passing they put aside any animosity they held toward each other. In Rosanna's words, "We both try to fill the void that Danny's passing left our girls with. They don't have a daddy, but they have two mama's :)". They're determined to have their daughters in each other's lives. Now if one mama doesn't have the girls, the other one does, they are truly there for one another. They are family.

Together and with each other's support, they will raise two amazing, strong, and beautiful women on the inside and out. Just like them. I wish I could find the words to express how proud and amazed I am by both of you.
R.I.P. Danny

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